ART INCONTRO offers cultural programs in Italy for people with an interest in visual art and craft and a desire to find time and inspiration for their own creative projects and interests.

Set in locations of historic and natural beauty, ART INCONTRO programs provide a rare opportunity to develop ideas and skills while living in ancient Italian centres. The programs combine excursions with art workshops in areas such as drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking.

ART INCONTRO programs are open to all skill levels, including people with no previous art experience.  The art workshops are flexible and participants are also welcome to use these sessions for other independent activities, such as photography, reading or writing.

ART INCONTRO groups are small with numbers ranging from eight to fourteen participants. This small size allows for a personal and responsive itinerary and enables us to interact with artists, craft practitioners and local residents.

ART INCONTRO is also tailored for people who appreciate a degree of autonomy and who wish to experience something of genuine Italian living. For this reason, the programs are based in comfortable apartment accommodation reflecting the character of the communities in which we live.

ART INCONTRO is mainly self-catering but provides opportunities for group meals and for market shopping to discover wonderful regional produce and other local specialties.

ART INCONTRO offers distinctive programs, each providing an intimate and unique opportunity to connect with a place and its people. Follow the links below to read more about the next programs on offer.


ART INCONTRO NAPOLI 18 days from 4 May 2015

ART INCONTRO UMBRIA and TOSCANA 18 days from 1 June 2015

ART INCONTRO SICILIA 18 days from 5 April 2016


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